Success in Life Workshops - As eagles soar above the storm, Crystal Dixon shows you how to become a soaring entrepreneur above today’s economy, as well as prepare for the job market!  Crystal Dixon, Author, Trainer, Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics, guides youth and adults in discovering their God-given talents and passions, turning them into viable businesses as well as enhancing job readiness skills!   
                                Destiny's Time - A New Novel!
                     Struggling with your career and want to pursue your dreams ?
                           Need more passion in your life to fulfill YOUR destiny ?
What people are saying about Destiny's Time...
"An incredible story of suspense, love, betrayal, twists and more!" 
"The book was so-o-o good, I was mad when it ended!"
  L. Washington, Ohio (Mother of Tennessee Titan and former Pittsburgh Steeler Wide Receiver Nate Washington)
"I believe a good book allows you to visualize what you are reading.  This is what happened to me as I was reading Destiny's Time.  I could not put it down.  Simply stated; It's good reading." 
  C.A. Williams, Pastor, Ohio
"Bottom line, the book is the BOMB...!"
  F. Q. Redman, Tech. Director/Senior Engineering Fellow, California
"Your book is right on time... it will help many people!"
  T. VanLeer, Ohio
                                                 Pursue YOUR God-Given Destiny and... 
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