A.  Book Orders Paid to You
1.Take orders of Destiny’s Time from family, co-workers, neighbors and other eligible customers.  Paper-back books are $11 (includes tax) and the audio book on CD is $20 (includes tax).
2.Customers pay you for the books, then you order books from the author and author pays you $2.50 per paper-back book sold or $5.50 per audio book sold!  That’s a 27% commission!
B.  Independent Marketing Consultant - More Profits for YOU!
1.You pre-buy paper-back books directly from the author at a discounted rate of $7.50 each and then you sell each book for $11 (includes tax) to your customers.  And/or you can pre-buy audio books on CD at the discounted rate of $12.50 each and then you sell each audio book for $20.  YOU KEEP all monies from books you sell and you have books to sell on the spot!  (Minimum of 5 books for consultant purchases).
2.    With your sales, you automatically recoup your $7.50 investment and also earn a 47% ($3.50) profit on each paper-back book you sell!  For audio books, you earn at 66% ($7.50) profit on each book you sell.  Share the books at your convenience!
Please contact Destiny’s Time Author Crystal Y. Dixon at crystalydixon@aol.com for more information and to review the required marketing agreement about these fantastic income producers for YOU!  Certain exclusions apply.  Destiny’s Time is a new in-demand book of suspense, love, twists and more!  It’s a great inspirational book that is changing lives!  Your customers will love this book!  Let's partner for profit and inspiration!
Here’s what people are saying about Destiny’s Time:
“The book was so-o-o good, I was mad when it ended!”
L. Washington, Ohio (Mother of Tennessee Titan and former Pittsburgh Steeler Wide Receiver Nate Washington)
“I believe a good book allows you to visualize what you are reading.  This is what happened to me as I was reading Destiny’s Time.  I could not put it down.  Simply stated, “It’s good reading.”
C.A. Williams, Pastor, Ohio
“Your book is right on time…it will help many people.”
T. VanLeer, Ohio